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"After painting for more than 30 years, I can finally call myself an artist. It took that long to look at my artwork and recognize them as my own, unique, original creations..."

Monica Mattedi is a celebrated abstract artist, a master of fluid painting. Through skillful manipulation of moving paint, she creates unique, vivid artworks bursting with energy and texture.

Each of Monica's pieces serves as a gateway to personal exploration, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a realm of introspection, creativity, and wonder.

I combine layers upon layers of moving paint to create a unique piece of art that has its own soul. When people look at my paintings, every inch of the canvas tells them countless histories, which reflect their own memories, feelings and dreams”.

"Something magical happened the day I started loosing myself completely while painting, just going with the flow and letting my emotions run free, without any control, judgement or limits based on what I had done before. Time stood still and I was totally submerged into the excitement of seeing new images coming to life. I realized every time I paint I have to let go of any preconceptions of what my art should be, so I can create something totally unique that I have never seen before."

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"This artist gives vibrancy a new definition with her abstract and bright colors. This looks amazing on our light grey walls. Thank you Monica, for your beautiful art!"

Maria Berard

"The artwork is beautiful, and the quality is amazing! As well, Monica will go FAR out of her way to help accommodate special requests. We needed some special sizing for our needs, and she went above and beyond to provide the spectacular artwork exactly the way we needed.


Michael Nashen

"I can't thank you enough, this is a masterpiece! I am too excited, I think the colors are amazing. One of our neighbors was in love with the painting.

Great job!"

Karen Richey

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